SADEŁKO Sp. z o.o.

Cold store


Meat storage and freezing

Our newly established freezer is intended for the storage of pork, beef and poultry meats and fats, as well as fruit and vegetables.

We have an area of 1600 m2. Storage takes place on modern racks, where we have 3,750 pallet places. The WMS system provides full identification of the stored goods, and each pallet has a barcode and QR code. Thanks to this, we are able to efficiently carry out loading and automatically calculate fees for storage, loading and unloading.

Each of our clients has the ability to remotely view the state of the assortment deposited with us.

We also have a shock freezer.
Freezing and freezing in shock chambers (temperature -35C).

We offer:
• Settlements per pallet per day (gross pallet unit height up to 1.80m),
• Possibility of manual loading of containers,
• Unloading and loading of goods,
• Freezing and freezing in the freezing tunnel.